How to use

The Clear Passage Nasal Strip Experience

  1. Choose the color and size for your nose.
  2. Follow the guide below for placement and removal.
  3. Strips may be used daily or as needed for symptom relief.

Relieves Nasal Congestion: Opens your nasal passages so you can breathe through your nose, even when congested due to colds or allergies.

For Snoring: May reduce snoring by enhancing or improving nasal breathing, making it easier to sleep at night. Improvement may take 7-10 days. If after 10 days snoring has not improved, it may be a more serious condition and you should consult your physician.

During Exercise: May improve breathing which can produce physiological benefits leading to better physical endurance. Apply 30 minutes prior to exercising.

Note: The best way to remove the nasal strip is during your shower or while washing your face with warm water. Peel away slowly and gently. Improper removal may irritate sensitive skin.